Patient Health Data Convergence Hub Concept

Following the raving success of the Preemptive Maintenance prototype at Gartner Symposium, it was now the turn to get Gartner consultants and engagement managers onboard with digital prototyping and design thinking practices. With Gartner consulting's practices spread across various domains and geographies, it wasn't an easily feasible and economical task to conduct induction sessions for personnels individually.

In order to address this complexity, we came up with a two-pronged strategy—preparing concise induction decks on design thinking and UX design best practices, and developing and demonstrating mock prototypes for the key digital practices at Gartner. After broadcasting induction sessions across the various Gartner geographical offices, we conducted remote design thinking sessions for digital prototyping with their local digital leads as session facilitators.

Advice from senior management personnel was vital in identifying the key domains to prototype for. After much deliberation on statistical and demographical relevance, we concluded that four key domains needed to be addressed—public sector (utilities), CPG retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. Since manufacturing had already been addressed at Gartner Symposium, we decided to take on the remaining three.

While the projects interweaved with each other, we defined the timelines such that no two projects were in the same phase of the prototyping cycle since a lot of responsibility fell on my shoulders provided I was the only designer in the team. So while the projects went on simultaneously, I managed to don different hats and not let one's progress impact the other. Also, this stood as the proof of concept of Gartner India CoE's ability to run multiple design projects simultaneously. No wonder, the timelines were quite hectic and overlapped quite a lot between gathering and incorporating feedback for one prototype and ideating and wireframing for the next, but the overall experience definitely added a couple feathers to my hat.

Behold, The Prodigal Wizard of Oz!

Prototyping to Mimic Real World Experiences

In order for users to approach the prototype with the same set of eyes as any real-world application, the prototype has been designed to mimic features as they are available in real world applications down to the spalsh and login screen. Every detail regarding the app, be it the branding or the style guides, has been handcrafted to make it feel as real as possible in it's fidelity.

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

All Your Health Insights Under a Single Roof

From your daily dosage to your scheduled medical appointments, your daily calendar stays synced with your medical profile and keeps you posted on all your daily necessities while relieving you of the need to manage trivial reminders. While vitals are made available via tailored IoT devices such as healthbands and smart watches, the app also serves the provision to connect third-party applications and integrate their information into their dashboard.

Think Beyond The Keyword

Fluid Navigation & Search System Architecture

The navigation system takes it's cues from Material Design 2.0, with the navigation menu being the common factor on all the screens, while the context of the current screen drives the other option. An omnibox drives the search system with dynamic search suggestions as letters are keyed in. Keywords are also segregated into broader categories serving the option to filter and isolate results pertaining to specific categories as required.

Payer Network Tailored Ecosystem

Integrating In-Network Doctors' Appointment Calendars

While search results list both in-network as well as out-of-network doctors, the app facilitates direct appointment booking for the in-network doctors and sharing your medical profile with them by tightly integrating their daily work calendar into the app which ensures real-time updates on any schedule changes. Meanwhile, if you're bound to consult an out-of-network doctor, you can still call to book your appointment.

Your Healthcare Profile On The Go

Medical & Coverage Information, All in One Place

With HealthCompass, you always have your health profile right at your fingertips, be it a healthcare convention or a vacation. And you don't have to carry anything else but your phone. What more, it keeps track of all your medical history, prescriptions and allergies—designed for enhanced readability for users unaccostumed to medical vocabulary and easily sharable with your in-network doctors at the tap of a button. And not just that, it also comprehensively tracks your medical expenses and claims.

Because You Can't Visit Every Time

Video Calls for Priliminary Examination & Assistance

It's just not feasible to visit the doctors for every small cut, bruise and rash. Our kids get sick every other day, picking random infections and rashes from everywhere. It is in such situation that tele-medicine saves the day. You simply search by your condition or symptom and pick a doctor for consultation; or if unsure, consult a general practitioner who can refer you further to a specialist if needed. If the doctor you wish to consult is busy, you can always request a callback, briefing your problem and sharing your medical profile.

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