Nurtr—The Career Counselling Network

There is that one project in every designer’s career that drafts their career path towards uncharted waters, the project that brings out their true design potential and drives them to strive for more, and achieve something completely unprecedented. But such projects don’t come easy; they come at a cost—the mélange of scale, budget, timeline and feasibility that they bring with them. If I had to name that one project in my career yet, it would definitely be Nurtr.

Nurtr is a career counselling platform for secondary and high school students, that assesses their academics and drives them to achieve their career aspirations by availing them professional services in terms of expert mentorship and counselling facilities, scholarships, courses, and webinars.

The project put me to test in every aspect right from the word go. This was the first project of its scale—in both depth and breadth—that I was availed independent ownership of; from user research to UI prototyping, I had for the first time, the opportunity to single-handedly organize end-to-end design sprints with project stakeholders.

The greatest challenge I faced working on this project was getting the design insights right, as I did not have the opportunity to explicitly conduct student interviews, but rather had to depend upon the answers accumulated by Nurtr’s in-house team over months from students belonging to various schools and financial backgrounds across the country. Once we had brainstormed and accumulated the insights of the students, the dashboard designs were a breeze.

Overall, the project was a great drill and expanded the purview of my role from that of a UI/UX designer to a product/project manager. Getting every nuance of the project right was definitely a roller coaster ride, but given another opportunity to pick a project of its enormity and diversity, I believe I would not think twice before saying yes.

Different Screens, Same Experience

Responsive Interfaces with Constant Width Cards

Be it a mobile, a tablet or the prodigal desktop, Nurtr has been designed to provide you a consistent experience throughout the ecosystem. Every listing—be it professions, scholarships, mentors or webinars—has been designed to drive a consistent experience across the platform irrespective of the device you’re on.

Pastel Iconography

Crafted for Precision, Colored to Delight

A refreshing set of icons that helps students and professionals alike on Nurtr to instantly assign meaning to their context.

Telltale Visualization

Dashboards that Shine, Data that Speaks

Every graph on every dashboard has been designed not just to segregate significant data items but also to make them visually appealing and engaging.

Microscopic Precision

Design System for the Perfect Ecosystem

A project as extensive and ambitious as Nurtr demands a great level of discipline to ensure coherence and sense persists throughout the platform. The Insights design system ensures that every component and every minute entity constituting it holds a reasonable logic behind it.

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